Photron - High Speed Video Camera for Slow Motion Analysis



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Photron was founded in 1974 to provide manufacturing, sales and service of professional film and video equipment and photo- instrumentation. Since then, Photron has been offering photo optics and electronic technologies to manufacturing industries, the medical field, film laboratories, major movie and television studios, as well as to the military worldwide. The company name "PHOTRON" combines photon and electron, the basic elements that represent our state-of-the-art technologies.

After gaining experience with image processing systems, Photron branched into the development of high-speed motion analysis cameras. Some highlights of our product launches are:

Photron's varied product range makes it the first choice for designers, manufacturers, R&D and test engineers to solve their most challenging motion problems. Whether it's testing a new product design or piece of equipment or trouble-shooting a high-speed production line, Photron's digital camera systems can capture thousands of high resolution images for playback and analysis. And with Photron Motion Tools software, users can automatically track the motion of any point within a recorded sequence.Photron's continuing development of new state-of-the-art products shows our commitment to furthering research and development in the areas of digital imaging and motion analysis solutions.

Photron also designs and develops software for the motion-picture and television industries under the Primatte brand. Photron began marketing Primatte in the mid-90s, at which time Scott Gross joined the Primatte team to help introduce, sell and support Primatte software in the U.S. In the ensuing five years since its introduction, Primatte has gone from being one platform with two versions to nearly forty versions on three platforms, a testament to its powerful and versatile ability to create seamless and realistic chromakey compositing effects.

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