Photron - High Speed Video Camera for Slow Motion Analysis



High speed cameras are used in many situations. To ensure a high speed camera can record the required event in the desired conditions certain peripherals are required. Here are some examples. Please feel free to ask Photron or our distributor for your area for any system peripherals that may be required to record your subject.

Peripherals Chart

High Speed Video Camera Photron's high speed camera product line covers a wide variety of camera types, selectable depending on the object to be recorded, customer specifications and budget.
Lens Selecting a lens depends on the situation or object to be recorded. High speed cameras can use a wide variety of lenses includes, long focal length, SLR lenses, movie lenses, microscopes, and fiber scopes.
Lighting Arranging proper lighting is often critical to capturing a good image. Various kinds of lighting are used with high speed video cameras including halogen, metal halide, LED lights, and Lasers.
Computer Current high speed cameras have a digital interface to control, monitor, and review on a computer, and to save the recorded data for later review and analysis.
Analysis Software It is possible to analyze the recorded data with image analysis software. High speed image data is used for various kinds of analysis. For example, Motion Analysis by Target Tracking, PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry), DIC (Digital Image Correlation) etc.
(Data Acquisition)
Sometimes it is important to analyze the images precisely synchronized with the data from other kinds of sensors such as load cells, accelerometers, etc. Optional DAQ realizes easy data synchronized recoding.