Photron - High Speed Video Camera for Slow Motion Analysis




New from Photron, the FASTCAM SA3 utilizes the same CMOS sensor technology as used in their Emmy award winning high speed cameras and provides mega pixel resolution (1K by 1K pixels) up to 2,000 frames per second (fps).

Engineered to survive hostile environments to 100G's in any axis, the FASTCAM SA3 is a compact and rugged camera ideal for those applications requiring reliability and superior image quality, regardless of the situation.

The super light sensitive sensor provides 12-bit dynamic range from its large seventeen micron square pixels without falling back on interlacing or interpolation trickery, a serious consideration for anyone requiring precise motion analysis. A two microsecond global electronic shutter ensures your images are blur free regardless of speed.

Two models of the FASTCAM SA3 are available; starting with the 60K model that provides full resolution to 1,000 fps, with a top speed of 60,000 fps at reduced resolution, and culminating in the FASTCAM SA3 120K that provides 2,000 fps at 1,024 by 1,024 pixel resolution, and reduced resolution operations as fast as 120,000 fps. Both models are available with either two, four or eight Gigabytes onboard memory, color or monochrome.

STOP PRESS: Photron has just released a new model with battery backup included. The built in battery provides one and a half hours data retention in the event power is lost.

Optional accessories include an RS422 remote control keypad with built-in 5" LCD display to make setting up and operating the camera without a computer needing to be connected via the built-in Gigabit Ethernet port. The camera is provided with both C-mount and F-mount lens mountings, and can be supplied with an optional high-G block mount for use in high-G environments.