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FASTCAM Multi - Multi Heads High Speed Camera System

FASTCAM MULTI Photron is pleased to announce a unique high speed, high resolution remote camera head, high speed camera system; the FASTCAM Multi. Providing mega pixel resolution (1,280 wide by 1,024 pixels tall) to 4,800 frames per second (fps), the FASTCAM Multi utilizes one or two compact camera heads that can be remotely connected to the central processor.

With a 1µs global shutter option and light sensitivity precisely tested to the ISO 12232 Ssat method of 10,000 for the 12-bit monochrome version, and 5,000 for the color, the FASTCAM Multi's small camera head (60mm W x 70mm H x 151mm D and weighing less than 1Kg) is ideally suited for use in areas where larger standalone camera systems cannot fit or cannot be risked due to the threat of damage to the saved image storage, with the Multi the camera processor can be safely located out of harm's way and retains data even if a camera cable is damaged during your test. Furthermore, the FASTCAM Multi has its electronics sealed against dust or debris often encountered in explosive or other extreme tests. As with all Photron cameras, we are so confident of the FASTCAM Multi's reliability we provide a standard product warranty for a full two years after delivery.

The FASTCAM Multi is available with three memory options:
8GB – providing just over one second record duration at 1,280 x 720 HD resolution at 6K fps.
16GB – enables full 1,280 by 1,024 pixel resolution at 4,800 fps for 0.9 seconds.
32GB – can record full resolution at 2,000 fps for 8.7 seconds.

The FASTCAM Multi is supplied with both C-mount and Nikon F (G-mount compatible) mounts and a of Micro Four Thirds mount with built-in LED laser pointer option, and is fully compatible with our award winning Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) camera control/image editing software, including wrappers for both MATLAB and LabVIEW.

Visit our website ( today to learn more about the FASTCAM Multi and our other high speed cameras or to schedule a demonstration at your facility.


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