Photron - High Speed Video Camera for Slow Motion Analysis



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Backside-illuminated A type of CCD sensor, full-frame (100% fill factor), that has been uniformly reduced thickness of approximately 10 μm so that an image can be focused on the backside of the sensor. The advantage of backside illumination is the metal layers used to pass signals are on the front of the sensor. Therefore, the obstruction to the pixel is 100 % free.
Bandwidth Bandwidth is often used in the context of data transfer such as a sensor's bandwidth or an interface data bandwidth. Bandwidth is the difference between an upper and lower limit of frequency in cycles per second (hertz).
Baud rate The number of bits per second often referred to in serial communication interfaces.
Beam splitter An optical device used to split a single image path or light beam into two or more separate paths.
Binned Readout A type of sensor architecture where individual pixels are combined in a module (2) format to produce higher sensitivity. Binned readout architecture is easier to implement in a CCD rather than a CMOS structure.
Binning A technique for combining the signal (charge for CCDs) in multiple pixels, adjacent or in some repeatable pattern, so that the combined signal is read out as an image.
Binning factor The number of pixels, adjacent or in some repeatable pattern, combined through binning. A binning factor of 4 x 4s has 16 pixels combined in some pattern such as 4 row and four columns.
Bit A single binary unit of information where the information is either a 1 or a 0 for notation. If you have 8-bits this is also referred to as a byte. If you have 16-bits this is also referred as two bytes or a word. However, some words can be 16, 32 or even 64-bits long.
Bit depth The number of bits that are digitized by the A/D converter or the representation of how many bits can be made from the signal in a pixel.
Bit rate The rate of transmission of a digital signal is often referenced by its bit rate.
Blanking Period portion of the composite picture signal which lies between the trailing edge of the horizontal sync pulse and the trailing edge of the corresponding blanking pulse.
Blooming Often referred to as the overexposure of an image. The defocusing of regions of the picture where the brightness is at an excessive level, due to enlargement of spot size and halation of the fluorescent screen of the cathode-ray picture tube. In a camera, sensor element saturation and excess which causes widening of the spatial representation of a spot light source.
BNC connector A coaxial type of connector commonly used on professional video systems. The connector is used to couple coaxial cables to video and other high-frequency electronic equipment.
Bus An interface that provides a data & control pathway to move information. On high speed systems, this is often a parallel interface. Examples of standard bus architectures include PCI, SATA, CameraLink, PanelLink, IEEE-1394, ISA and so forth. A system-level bus will typically include a data bus, address bus, control or status bus, and power bus.